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Traveling in Armenia and Georgia by car

Traveling in Armenia and Georgia by car

What questions care every traveler at first? You are absolutely right – to see as many sights as possible and know more closely the customs and culture of the local population. And if you are not a fan of a particular type of tourism then the best means of transportation, for the full organization of a comfortable stay, is a car. This is especially true for travelers who are going to visit Armenia and Georgia, where in addition to unforgettable views of nature, there are countless monuments of ancient architecture.

The best routes for independent trips in Armenia and Georgia

The choice of optimal routes for independent trips depends entirely on the time and schedule of stay in each of the republics. Indeed, only in order to have time to visit the sights of Yerevan and Tbilisi, which have a long history, it will take several days And which traveler who has visited Armenia or Georgia does not want to visit Echmiadzin, to visit the Tatev, Geghard, Garni, Khor Virab, Qaraunj monastery complex, Shaki waterfall, Lake Sevan (Armenia), Uplistsikhe cave city, Goristsikhe fortress, Jvari temple, Nokalakevi fortress, black magnetic sands Ureki (Georgia) ... I assure you that listing all the sights will require several pages. If you do not have enough time, and the schedule of your stay includes a trip from one republic to another, then consider yourself lucky.

Throughout the journey, you will have the opportunity to see many temples, monasteries and fortresses, each of which is a masterpiece of ancient architecture. Throughout the route you will be accompanied by unforgettable views of natural landscapes: majestic mountains, alpine meadows, forests. A well-developed infrastructure, with a network of numerous cafes and restaurants, will allow you to get acquainted with the local national cuisine.

Traveling by car with a visit to main attractions

As noted above, the most convenient form of transport for organizing your vacation is a car. Indeed, you won’t see much on foot, and the railway tracks are far enough from the purpose of the trip, and at the final stage you still have to use vehicles. In the vast majority of cases, the roads leading to the main attractions are in excellent condition, direction and distance indicators are placed on the freeways at regular intervals, and convenient parking lots are located in the immediate vicinity of the destination. In addition to the conveniences due to the presence of a car, you will have the opportunity to visit other, less well-known, but no less beautiful and ancient monuments. Usually this requires a deviation from the main route by only a few kilometers.

Features of car rental for trips in Armenia and Georgia

After all of the above, a logical question arises, how to find a suitable car for traveling? But this issue has a simple solution, you just need to use the services of one of the car rental services. Since during the high season of tourist trips rental difficulties may occur, you can pre-book your car through the service website. Before booking, we advise you to carefully familiarize yourself with the rental conditions and the many additional services offered by the service. If you have to move from one republic to another, then it is advisable to use the services of vehicles whose vehicles have permission to freely cross the border.

The rest is also at your choice and desire: meeting at the airport and delivery to the hotel, services related to the special equipment of the car, and of course car rental with a driver. The last service, we recommend using the guests who first visited these countries.

Experienced drivers will help you with the determination of the route and quickly and safely, will deliver to the final destination of the trip. Although ... even if you are without an accompanying person and find yourself in a difficult situation, do not worry, you can always call the rental service from where they will come to your aid, or contact the local population who will be happy to help you in solving problems.

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