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Advices for driving in fog

Advices for driving in fog

It’s already Autumn outside, which means that rain, fog, slush can be taken by surprise, having prepared a series of “surprises” for car drivers. Driving in a fog has always been considered unsafe for drivers: at this time, the visibility zone decreases, orientation in space is difficult, optical illusion is possible, it is difficult to determine the distance between cars, etc.

When driving in a fog, try to adhere to the following rules:

  • Always keep the headlights and wiper on.
  • With poor visibility, the vehicle speed should not exceed the visibility distance in meters. For example, visibility of 50 meters - speed up to 25 km / h.
  • Keep an eye on the washer reservoir: it should always be full.
  • If the car windows are fogged up, turn on the ventilation system.

Next, we will present you some advices that, in our opinion, will help you when driving in foggy weather.

  1. Choosing the best speed for road safety. In places of frequent fog, state inspectors, as a rule, put up signs indicating the recommended speed and the sign of the distance between the car.
  2. When driving in a fog, one should not “take as a guide” the vehicle in front.
  3. Parking lights. They are designed so that other motorists can see your car. Parking lights will avoid car accidents.
  4. Fog lights. Mounted on the bottom of the bumper. Perfectly disperse fog and improve visibility.
  5. Pedestrian crossing and traffic light. Because of the fog, the color of the traffic light may be distorted and that is why it is necessary to reduce the speed in front of a pedestrian or traffic light in order to figure out which light is on and whether people are present at the crosswalk.
  6. The situation on the road. At any time of the day, in foggy weather, stick to the right side of the road lane. In no case do not go into the oncoming lane: it is not always possible to manage to get away from an accident.
  7. Safety: do not forget to fasten your seat belts, include airbags. No need to move your head close to the windshield, visibility from this will not improve, and driving will be more difficult.
  8. Hearing is the most reliable assistant in foggy conditions. Opening the car window, listen to what is happening on the street, this will help you better navigate and adequately assess the situation.
  9. If you decide to park, then park the car as far to the right and leave the lights on. Do not forget about the light alarm.
  10. When driving a car in foggy conditions, it is important not to perform sharp maneuvers and braking. Mindfulness and caution should be your main rule when driving in fog.

Be careful, and then no weather will be scary to you.

Good luck on the road!

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