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Trip from Yerevan to Garni and Geghard by car

Trip from Yerevan to Garni and Geghard by car

The pagan temple of Garni and the cave monastery of Geghard are one of the most interesting sights of Armenia. The monastery complex of Geghard is included in the UNESCO intangible heritage list.

How to get there?

Garni Temple and Geghard Cave Monastery are located in the south-east of Armenia, in 40 km from the Yerevan. Garni can be reached both by car and by public transport (the road will take 40-50 minutes). You can get to Garni Temple by shuttle bus № 284 or by bus № 266, which depart from the bus station located in the Nork (district of Yerevan).

The distance from Garni to Geghard is 10 km, but it should be noted that public transport does not go to Geghard. To save your own time, it is more convenient to get to the sights by rented car or taxi (the cost of a round-trip taxi is around 10000-15000 drams).

What to see?

Garni Temple and Geghard Cave Monastery are quite popular destinations for tourists. Hundreds of tourists come here daily, both independently and as part of excursion groups. When you arrive to Garni, at first visit the temple dedicated to the sun god - Mithra. Pay attention to the Greek mosaic, skillful basalt carving (a special skill of Armenian architects). Here you can see the remains of the fortress and the royal palace. You can see not only the architecture of the temple of Garni, but also the surrounding nature: cliffs, mountains, rivers.

Garni Temple was built in a beautiful place above the gorge of the Azat River, into which you can go down and take a walk while admiring the bizarre rocks. Few people know that in addition to the temple, in Garni you can see a unique natural structure - the Symphony of stones, which looks like a huge stone organ. To get here - you need to go down from the temple of Garni, down the gorge.

When you go to Geghard, visit the Geghardavank monastery complex (translated from Armenian “spear monastery”) dating from the 4th century. Visit the cave structure, which has incredible energy. On the territory of Geghard there are many khachkars - Armenian stone steles with crosses.

If you want to learn more about the centuries-old history of the Garni temple and the Geghard cave monastery, use the services of a tour guide who will open the curtains of the centuries-old historical heritage of Armenia.

The best time for trip to Garni and Geghard

The best time for trip to Garni and Geghard is autumn. In autumn you can enjoy especially beautiful views. October is the best month to visit, since the weather is still hot in September, and the cold starts in November.

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