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Route trip from Yerevan to Tatev - Goris - Khndzoresk by car

Route trip from Yerevan to Tatev - Goris - Khndzoresk by car

Armenia is a beautiful ancient country with a large number of historical and architectural monuments, some of which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In today's article, we will talk about the Syunik region of Armenia, where you can see a large number of world-famous attractions.

Trip route

Syunik region is located in the south of Armenia, 300 km from the city of Yerevan. Tatev - Goris – Khndzoresk route duration is one way on average 4-6 hours. When planning a trip to the south of Armenia, it is better to have 2-3 days or even more in reserve. The paved route can be reached either by public transport (take the Yerevan-Goris bus and transfer from Goris by taxi), but it’s more convenient and comfortable - of course, using your own or rented car.

What to see on the road?

The Syunik region, as we have already said, is rich in many attractions. But along the way, there are also many historical and architectural monuments worth visiting.

✔ On the road to Tatev, 120 km from the city of Yerevan, there is the Noravank monastery complex, dating from the X-XIII century.

✔ 5 km from Noravank, there is Bird Cave, where the oldest shoes in the world were found.

✔ Areni village, where a wine festival is held annually. Here you can not only taste, but also purchase the wine, which you liked the most.

✔ Also be sure to visit the Tatev monastery complex (IX-X centuries) and the Wings of Tatev ropeway, which is the longest reverse cable car in the world (5752 meters). Tatev in translation from Armenian means "give wings." The monastery complex is located in a very picturesque place, harmoniously blending with the natural landscapes.

✔ Not far from the Tatev monastery complex is located Karahundge, or as the people say “Zorats Karer”. According to different versions, the observatory was once located here. 223 basalt blocks are located here on a mountain plateau, at an altitude of 1770 meters above sea level. They also say that Karahunge has incredible energy.

✔ After driving 35 km from Tatev, we find ourselves in the city of Goris, surrounded on all sides by beautiful mountains. In Goris, you can visit the house-museum of the poet and writer A. Bakunts, ethnographic and archaeological museums, as well as the monument “Seven Springs”. Do not forget to stop at the entrance to the city, on the observation deck. It offers a beautiful panorama of the city of Goris.

✔ Then visit the cave city of Khndzoresk. The city was inhabited until 1998. This is where the suspension swinging bridge is located, which attracts tourists from all over the world. The height of the bridge is 60 meters and the length is 100 meters.

Best time to travel

Armenia is beautiful in all seasons. However, I would like to note that the summer in Armenia is hot and dry, and the autumn in Armenia is the most beautiful time, full of bright colors and imbued with a romantic atmosphere.

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