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Tips for car travelers. Cooling System.

Tips for car travelers. Cooling System.

Of course, today, the most convenient type of transportation is a car. However, it should be remembered that no one is safe from car breakdowns on the way. In most cases, the malfunction can be fixed temporarily, allowing you to get to the nearest service station. To do this, it is only necessary to establish the problem.

We will try to periodically inform our readers about what measures can be taken on our own to repair the car, in case of specific vehicle malfunctions along the way. We hope that in difficult times, our tips will help to get out of a difficult situation.

The Cooling System problems

If there are problems with the cooling system, determine the cause of the malfunction. Open the hood of the car and make sure that water or antifreeze does not leak anywhere. In this case, most likely, the cause is a fan malfunction. You should see fuses and wires of electricity.

First you need to check if the fan is working? To do this, press the wires to the battery terminals. If the fan is operating normally, then you can connect the wires to the terminals and get to the nearest car repair shop. It should be remembered that in this condition the fan runs continuously and a long ride can lead to more serious problems. If you want to avoid a direct connection, find the fuse or fan relay and replace it. If there is no spare fuse, you can wrap the teeth with 2-3 thin hairs of a stranded wire and insert into the socket.

If after direct connection the fan does not work, check the connection points of the wires, and the integrity of the wire itself. If the place of leakage is detected, locate the fluid passage If the hose bursts and there is no suitable replacement, then determine the place of leakage. If it is located near the junction, disconnect the end, take a measurement, cut off the damaged part, and then, connecting to the junction, secure with a yoke.

But here the problem can be solved, just find a small piece of hose with a small difference in diameter. In this case, cut off the damaged part at both ends, and replace it with a spare piece. Joints should be secured with yokes. Recall that a simple method of wrapping the damaged part with insulating tape is ineffective. In other cases, we recommend frequent stops and adding water to get to the nearest car repair service, as the problem may be due to a malfunction of the thermostat.

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