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Features of driving and operating a car in hot weather

Features of driving and operating a car in hot weather

Many motorists think that after cold weather, the problems of car care and maintenance are reduced by several orders of magnitude. I would not like to disappoint them, but, unfortunately, this is far from the case. High temperatures can be as problematic as frost. In this article, we will try to acquaint you with what you should focus on when preparing a car for driving, in the season of the hot weather.

The air pressure of the tires should be lower than in frost seasons, since the physical properties of gases expand in hot weather, can cause the tire inflation rate to be exceeded in the summer and, as a result, can lead to damage to the rubber tires of varying degrees, as well as cause inconvenience when driving.

Special attention should be paid to the serviceability of all elements of the cooling system. Any malfunction in the system can lead to overheating, which can cause engine breakdown, and any engine repair is a big waste of money. This can be avoided by spending just a few minutes before driving off to check the tightness of the hose connections and the absence of leaks, to make sure that the coolant level is correct. Pay attention to the correct operation of the fan, as well as its timely inclusion, when the coolant is heated to the maximum permissible temperature. And in conclusion, the serviceability of the thermostat, which ensures the liquid circulation of the entire cooling system.

Check that the ventilation system is working properly, with the replacement of the air cleaner filter. In cars with air conditioning, it is recommended to check the compliance of freon with the required rate for maximum efficiency of its work.

In addition to the above procedures, it should be remembered that it is necessary to take care of replacing winter engine oil with summer oil (the difference between them is in their density

And in conclusion, we advise you to be careful, because the start of the hot weathers coincides with the beginning of repair and restoration work on the roads. It's a shame to get sick at such a time of the year due to a sharp temperature difference outside and inside the cool interior of an air-conditioned car or a draft in the cabin with all four windows down so do not forget about your health.

Good luck on your road.

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